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Hostgator vs Justhost – Which webhost is better? Find out in this comparison article.

This is a very difficult question that one will ask you at any given point. It is so since these are all reputable companies with thousands of clients worldwide. No matter what though, there must be several similarities and a few differences here and there. We are going to look at mainly three categories from which you will make your own judgment upon reading these well-thought findings by our research analysts.

Justhost Comparison

HostGator Vs JustHost Inception

HostGator was born in 2002 by Florida Atlantic University graduate Mr. Brent Oxley. Mr. Oxley a very ambitious and focused man has risen from small beginnings to become the owner of a multi-million dollar company that now serves over 5 million people and companies in nearly 200 countries globally. A forward flash will show you that HostGator uses green energy in their main offices in USA. This means that, the founder is so keen with the environment. Yes, Mr. Oxley is hypersensitive and cautious with environmental conservation. On the other hand, JustHost came into being a complete five years later. This translates that in terms of experience, the latter is far much behind. Nonetheless, it is slowly catching up with not only HostGator, but also other webhosting companies.

HostGator Vs JustHost And Their Control Panels

It is sad to say that when one company invests in modern sophisticated technology and infrastructure, there is likelihood that; the rest will trail while it will thrive to the utmost. In this, we will give a typical example of a cyber café that serves people where there is rampant power outage. A keen entrepreneur what most are would invest in a powerful generator or an alternative source of power in case an outage occurs. That is called business prudence. On that breath, HostGator has embraced technology by using ePanel a system that is now used in webhosting that is much faster that customer interface that JustHost is accrued to. This has cost JustHost a number of times with numerous complaints of delaying with signals. What a pity.

HostGator Vs JustHost Plans

JustHost is likely to win in this docket looking at this simply. This is so because when it comes to tariffs, this webhosting company does not have many alternatives for its clients. In fact it has only one option! This though is pocket friendly. For as little as $ 3.75 per month you are able to register your domain with unlimited space and bandwidth. This move has not been received well by critics. They argue that this is just but an offer and so consider it as a way luring customer after which, they change their strategy. They fell that this is elusive. No matter their opinion, JustHost is cheaper in that tariff that HostGator. The latter on the other hand, demands that one should have $ 4.95 that is almost $ 5 for you to have your domain registered.

Whereas it is agreeable that JustHost requires a less amount to register your domain, HostGator’s diverse tariffs come with several good packages that suit different clients. Interestingly, it also has a 45-day guarantee of your money back. This is incredible!

We will not be wrong to conclude that HostGator will emerge the winner in today’s comparison. Looking at all those aforementioned things critically, you too can arrive at that conclusion.



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